What is compounding?

When mass-produced medicines don’t work, compounded medicines may be the answer!
Pharmacists make compounded medicines “from scratch.” So, medicines can be customized with specific ingredients in exact strengths and dosage forms to meet the patient’s needs.

What can compounding do for me?

Pleasant Care Pharmacy’s specialty: cosmeceutical and dermatologic compounds! Your skin is unique and unlike anyone else’s, instead of using a one-size-fits-all product, use a one of a kind compound.

Do you have allergies to specific ingredients, such as preservatives or dyes? Do you get unwanted side effects like stomach upset or sleepiness? We can compound medications without the offensive ingredient.

Do you need smaller doses? Can’t stand the flavor of your medicine? Is your pill literally too big to swallow? Compounding can fix that! Children especially can benefit from compounding in these cases.

Is it difficult for you to remember to take all the medications you need to take? Compounding can combine medications for your convenience.
Is your cream too sticky? Would you rather take an oral liquid instead of a capsule? We can change the dosage forms to fit what you want.