An Eczema & Acne Clinic for Hayward, CA

What Does Pleasant Care Pharmacy Do?

We are a compounding pharmacy specializing in dermatologics and cosmeceuticals. We can follow you throughout your course of treatment, starting from the beginning with your personal consultation or physician’s prescription. As you continue therapy, your condition will change. What makes Pleasant Care Pharmacy unique is that we compound cosmeceuticals that are specially formulated for your specific skincare needs. We believe that each person’s skin requires different solutions. With that in mind, our pharmacist will develop a formula especially designed for you to target your skin conditions such as: wrinkles, dark spots, eczema, acne, scars, blemishes, etc.

We offer several skin care products & treatments for our patients

Everyone deserves beautiful skin that they love. As a local eczema and acne clinic, we offer a range of skin care products and treatments to treat problem areas on your skin. We offer acne treatments, skin care creams, cleansers and more. To find out about all of the customized skin care treatments we offer for our clients, make an appointment for your consultation today.

Do you have skin problems, but don’t have the TIME or MONEY to see a dermatologist? 

Come in for a FREE CONSULTATION at our skin care clinic at Pleasant Care Pharmacy!

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We accept MediCal & commercial insurance!


At Pleasant Care Pharmacy, we can compound the following, but are not limited to:

  •      Skin care cream, lotion, cleansers
  •      Dental
  •      Veterinary
  •      Sports Medicine
  •      Pediatric
  •      Hormone Replacement Therapy
  •      Pain Management
  •      Etc.

Follow Tanvi on her dark spot lightening journey with Pleasant Care Pharmacy’s Skin Lightening Cream:


Please fill out the Skin Assessment Form so our pharmacist can get a better understanding of your skin needs.

*Skin Assessment Form is REQUIRED if you would like to utilize our skin consultation.

If you have any questions regarding our compounds or would like more information, please contact us.

*Note: Pleasant Care Pharmacy Groupon deal is no longer active or valid.