I was getting dark spots on my face and found that a lot of the products I was previously using were not working as well. I came across Pleasant Care through a recommendation, and I am glad that I took the time to get information about the products that they offer. Within weeks of applying a customized cream, my dark spots are barely noticeable. My face overall looks healthy. I also purchased eczema cream for my nephew, and it also worked really well for him. I would definitely recommend Pleasant Care Pharmacy. They also fill prescriptions, and because of their convenient location to my job, I now get my prescriptions filled here.

This cream is amazing! Our newborn baby’s face was really dry, red, and rough during the first two months. We noticed he was always rubbing his face, which the pediatrician said was a sign of eczema. We tried a variety of baby lotions including Aveeno baby lotion but none of them helped. We heard about this eczema cream through a friend and decided to give it a try. We followed our friend’s instructions and applied the cream twice daily to our baby’s face after we gave him a sponge bath and applied Aquaphor ointment (or anything w/ petrolatum in it) immediately after the eczema cream. We noticed this combination really helped to keep our baby’s skin moisturized. After applying the Pleasant Care moisturizing cream for only a week, the redness went away and our baby’s face became much smoother. I would recommend this cream to any parent whose baby is having a hard time with eczema!

I’ve used the Skin Lightening product from Pleasant Care for about 2 months and noticed improvement that my face is much more clear and the dark spots on my face are less visible. I live in Houston,TX where there is humidity and very hot summer temperatures. I’ve had a lot of dark spots on my face due to sun burn and pigmentation for the past couple of years even though I use sunblock. I’ve tried so many products and spent so much money too, but none of them work as promised. I apply a small amount of this Skin Lightening cream on my face every night before I go to bed. Now, my face looks brighter with more radiance and there is no need to use concealer anymore.

I’ve had eczema on my fingertips since I was a child and have not found anything that controls it. I have tried steroids, but I try not to use it as much because it thins the skin. I have tried multiple moisturizers, but usually they leave a residue (Eucerin, Aquaphor is greasy) or aren’t moisturizing enough. Chau’s formula eczema is exactly what I’ve been looking for! It doesn’t leave a residue and it moisturizes perfectly. Not to mention, the more I use it, the better my eczema gets.

She also customizes the products to your needs, which is an amazing feature. And, everything is affordable! I will definitely be coming back for more creams in the future.

I’ve had bad skin all my life. Uneven skin tone, blotches, breakouts, and my skin was actually rough and bumpy. Most over the counter skin products I’ve used caused my skin to get worse because I have really sensitive skin. After a consultation with Dr. Phan, she has compiled a special blend of ingredients to help address all the problems I had. I have been using her cream for about 6 months now and my skin looks great! Not only does it help with the problems I had, my skin is smooth and more youthful. People really could never guess my age =) Just keep using it, you will see results.

Since the father of time forgives no one I was determined to put up a fight. The obvious signs of aging were showing more over time and I was yet to find a great lotion to help me combat these wrinkles. Thats when i found Pleasant Care Pharmacy in Hayward with such an awesome staff and knowledgeable pharmacist I knew they would be able to help me out. A few simple questions and behold a great anti-aging lotion at great price and with noticeable results. My skin is softer, smoother with less visible lines and wrinkles. I love this lotion it has also revived the glow in skin like it once was when i was in my twenties. Thank you Pleasant care for a great personalized product at a great price.

I’ve had unresolved issues with my skin for years and could never find a product that truly targeted my main issues. I have combination oily/dry sensitive skin with a history of eczema and mild acne. After filling out the cosmeceutical assessment form provided on the pharmacy website, Chau, the owner and pharmacist, sat with me and gave me a very thorough consultation, discussing my skin’s needs and what she thought would benefit my skin the most. The cream she compounded for me used the restructuring moisturizer that she developed herself along with a natural exfoliating agent and so far, after 5 weeks of nightly use, I’ve seen an improvement in not just the texture of my skin, but the overall appearance as well. My skin before had been oily in some areas and dry and patchy in others. Now, my facial skin is moisturized and soft throughout. I can’t say enough about the benefits of having a specific product compounded with just the ingredients needed for my specific skin type. Chau also works with your budget and she is very student friendly! Thank you Pleasant Care Pharmacy!

I have had really bad acne for the past two years, and I’m not just talking about any acne. This was bad. None of the face washes or creams I was using seemed to work for me. My sister came to my rescue and recommended to get products from this pharmacy. Boy was that the greatest thing for me. I filled out a survey online to explain the problems with my skin. Taking in my information, Dr. Chau compounded a wonderfully magical cream just perfect for my red dotted face. My skin cleared up within about 3-4 weeks, and my face was looking radiant! My cousin later on asked me what I was doing to keep my skin so clean and flawless and I explained to her the cream and face wash products from Dr. Chau’s pharmacy. I always joke with her and tell her she needs the magic pimple cream as I refer to it. She now has the link for the survey and is excited to try these products. A big thank you to Dr. Chau.

I’ve been using the Pleasant Care Anti Aging cream for over a month now and have gotten great results. My skin was really dry and I had some wrinkles so I was looking for a product that could revitalize my skin. I went through several brands before but none of them worked for me and would sometimes dry my skin up even more and cause irritation. Pleasant Care is the only brand that has helped my skin look younger and fresh without any of the problems I had with other products. If you are in the market for skin care products I greatly recommend that you give Pleasant Care a try.

I was looking for a great sunscreen lotion due to the fact I work outside most of the time. Especially on hot sunny days the usual sunblock lotions weren’t cutting it not to mention they were greasy and plugging up my pores thus causing pimples. I was at the end of the line with these products that weren’t cutting it. It wasn’t till I heard of Pleasant Care Pharmacy in Hayward they specialized in personalized lotions. The staff was great and very helpful, they followed up to make sure the lotion was working for me. It was a simple hassle free experience, they asked a few questions and created a great a sunblock lotion that was made specifically to my skin type. Great sun protection without the oily build up and no more clogged pores and best of all at a great price. Thank you everyone at Pleasant care for a great product and friendly service. 😉

Yeah so I used to have a lot of acne and prevented me from doing a lot of things and i got made fun of at school a lot. Then I found Pleasant Care Pharmacy, which so happened to run by a person of whom i am acquainted to and then they provided me with acne cream. And I must say the acne cleared up in several weeks and I look better. Would definitely recommend this to people who want their acne and other skin problems cleared up.

I struggled from acne for years. I started using the acne paste that a friend recommended, and within weeks my face looked healthy and the redness reduced significantly. This is one product that worked well for me. The staff is really friendly, and I appreciate how they try to find out the root of the problem.